Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A collection of Premium Weight Loss Supplements.

A 2009 report published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry found that CLA has positive effects on energy metabolism, adipogenesis, inflammation, lipid metabolism and apoptosis. Similarly there is good research to suggest that consuming a safe amount of caffeine from natural teas may help boost energy levels, reduce inflammation and rev up your metabolism.

Combining a lifestyle change with the use of safe, pharmaceutical grade supplements can result in improved body composition, safe and lasting weight loss and reduction in illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Given the potential risks of taking commercial fat burners and weight loss products, Dr. Angelique Barreto MD., MSc., ABAARM., an Integrative Medicine specialist recommends only the healthier natural fat burners that contain key anti-aging compounds and nutrients to help her patients with their weight management efforts.

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